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Will people overlook me as my gigs start at $5?


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The majority of my gigs start at 5 dollars as some people on this forum told me it’s the best way to get buyers in the beginning. However after reading a large amount of forum posts it seems that people may overlook gigs that start with 5 dollars because they might feel that the quality will not be good, is this true and if so will it effect any possible sales?

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No. Start at $5. Deliver quality work and garner high ratings. Once you have a proven portfolio of high-quality work DELIVERED, then raise your price. Once people see that you deliver quality, they will pay whatever you charge.

But there are people on tight budgets who look for cheaper gigs, even if they have to sacrifice quality. I certainly do not equate “cheaper” to “lower quality”, especially if the seller is new.

[in designing] I see a lot of high-priced profiles with stellar samples of their work, but when you look at the work they DELIVERED to clients, it’s amateur and sub-par at best, which tells me that they didn’t create those sample works themselves, so I certainly wouldn’t pay the price they are charging based upon what they’re delivering. Meanwhile, some cheaper sellers deliver outstanding work.

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