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Why is my gig at the bottom of search


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I’m level one seller and my gig used to be on top of the search results “medical articles” “doctor”, Rank 1 or 2 to be exact.
From the last week, it went to the bottom of results like literally 2nd last! Being ranked under the gigs with very little reviews or no reviews at all. Most of you are going to say that Fiverr keeps rotating results, but its not the case with me.
Contacted customer support and they said we can’t do anything! improve your conversion rate (which is already 20%)
I don’t want my gig to always stay on top. But I surely want to stay around the first pages, not the last ones
All my stats are 100%. Any help would be really appreciated.

PS: I edited my gig two days earlier, which got me back to number 3 for a day I guess and then back to bottom. Is there anything wrong with my gig?
My gig

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