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Fiverr's account safety Issue (Nearly lost my account)


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Hello Everyone, I am an android developer. Its been a month I have been on fiverr and today I almost lost my account due to someone being able to login to my account from three countries away, without my password or email.

So here is what happend. I was working with this client and he has issues with his firebase database. His firebase database is associated with his own email and he sent me his mail to fix the issue I logged in on my PC (the same PC I use fiverr on) and my google chrome automatically synced with his email as it does with every new gmail login. Now, I dont have my gmail associated with my fiverr account but a yahoo email. It was not logged while I was using the fiverr account. It has not been logged in since a month. I was fixing my client’s firebase db problem and he all of the sudden he sends me his phone’s screenshot with my fiverr logged in his phone. And he asks me how did this happen, he said he reset his phone and downloaded fiverr and automatically logged into my account? HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN. I quickly logged into my fiverr account from my PC and reset my password. (There isn’t much I can do in the security’s settings). I can’t know which phone has my fiverr logged in any sort of last login data etc. I really need help to make sure my account is logged in on my computer and phone only and is completely secured. He showed me that he logged out but I still need help to prevent this from ever happening again.

Please, tell me if I did something wrong and I should not repeat. And suggest how to make my account safe.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks. phew!

EDIT : I logged out from his account from my PC and reset my browser(and my fiverr password) as soon as he sent me that screenshot

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You could contact support for their recommendations. Maybe turn off syncing. Maybe use a different browser for testing that. Maybe use sandboxing (eg. virtual machine). edit: or if not possible, test on a different physical machine eg. one not connected. edit: If you had to use Chrome on the same machine for it, maybe setting up a new account on Chrome for testing (that didn’t have syncing turned on) would help.

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