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Email issues due to changing it


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Hi everyone,

So I have this matter bothering me, I joined the platfrom on jul 2016 using one of my old emails, after a year I decided to start offering my services (aug 2017) so by then I had a new gmail set, I used that as my fiverr login info along with settings email being the old one, and facebook (connected to the old email), so at first I was getting inbox messages and everything from fiverr as messages on my email account (old one) and not gmail. after a while my email was kinda of insecured and I doubted that someone is looking at it I tried changing password and everything, so I just decided to change from the settings to a “NEW CREATED ACCOUNT” but still logged in from my gmail which I still use till now, but what bothered me is that I wasn’t getting any notifications about new inboxes or messages from fiverr, what made me worry a lot more is this verification process, (I’m not getting any messages from fiverr at all) neither on my gmail, new email or old one, where is fiverr going to send me the verification process link and what should I do about this ? did anyone encountered this kind of issues?

Thank you for taking time reading this.

Kind regards

EDIT : I solved the problem, I had the wrong email held from a whole year! "mistyping"

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