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How can I improve my web design gig?


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Hello and welcome to Fiverr. There’s a lot that you can do to improve your profile and gig right now. First of all, use all the text that you are given from Fiverr to fill in the pitch on the gig. It’s very important to do this from a ranking standpoint. Introduce yourself better in the small section under the profile picture and do not use smiley faces on there. I would also suggest not using smiley faces with clients in general. Overall, your gig looks very generic. What makes your web design work better than other people’s? It’s not easy to understand at a glance. People don’t have time on Fiverr and they do not want to waste time, so you have to make them choose on the fly. You can do this by saying: “I do [THIS] and I do it in [THIS] way which is unique to me.” This is obviously a stupid example but you have to make sure people understand what you do and make them want to buy your products. Tons more but I think this is enough for now. Start with the little things, one by one.

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