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Generating clicks?


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I’ve noticed couple of guys posting in “buyers request” section. And they are sellers too.
Apparently they are looking for someone to create them an intro or short video to showcase services within their gig.
But I keep seeing them almost every week. Many times by now. On first thought it seems like they are struggling to find the right person for the job. I won’t mention any names but one of them says this in their “request”:

“I’ve posted this request few weeks ago, but I didn’t get good offers that fit my requirements. I hope I can find someone this time.” And yea, they do link their gig in the msg…

On second thought what if they are just using that section/option to generate clicks on their gig. Not sure if it’s possible but seems feasible to me. Myb I’m wrong. Anyway, any seller who sees a $$-$$$ range budget gets interested. And clicks on the link to see whats up. And I see everytime 20-30 offers sent. So it’s probably that much clicks. Probably less but close. Would that boost that persons gig? Or do clicks and views even matter? Is that TOS friendly to say like that? Hmmm…


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