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Real Tips for new sellers. The hard facts

Guest merileep

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Guest merileep

A ridiculous amount of people making topics such as Please promote my Gig Please sale ( I mean Sell LOL) my gig

Well now. That won’t work. Read this. It may help.

  • Don’t beg people to promote or buy your gig. Nobody likes a beggar. It also shows you have no confidence in your own work. If you want to post your gig than do it. But don’t beg people. It’s irritating to a buyer.

  • If English is not your first language than get somebody to check your grammar. Very important.

  • Don’t spam the forum. The buyers that are here hate it.

  • Don’t use a random picture of some super hot girl as your Avatar. It doesn’t always sell your gig. Trust me. And if it’s a social marketing gig, which seem plentiful around here than use your own picture. I highly doubt the worlds best looking girl is a computer nerd in need of money because her supermodel job doesn’t even pay her five bucks. Be realistic. Post your own picture. Even if you look like a nerd it will probably help drive sales because it’s believable.

    Remember that a lot of people here have their own gigs to sell. So don’t beg them to try and promote yours. They need to worry about their own. Don’t spam. Get your friends to get you started. Everybody has friends. Promote your gig to them. Once you get some feedback things will happen.

    Don’t spam.

    Do good work.
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