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Help needed for Withdrawing using Payoneer


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I am facing a problem here on the fiver, I don’t have a NID so I could not apply for a Payoneer at my own name. I have opened an account using my brothers NID and added his bank information on the Payoneer. As a result, my Fiverr name is not matching with the information on the Payoneer. I applied for a withdraw from Fiverr to the bank using that Payoneer and confirm the mail, but it’s been two days and I didn’t get any mail from Fiverr about the withdrawal And the withdraw page is showing that withdraw is in progress. What should I do now?

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Hi there,

on fiverr you can find two options to load your cash,

1.Standard load
2.Immediate load

Standard load takes 2-3 days to proceed and Immediate load only takes 2-3 hours or less.

If you used the Standard load option you need to wait another day, and to make sure payment is processing Login to your payoneer account go to transaction page and click on the upcoming transaction button.

You may see your transaction there as a pending transaction


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