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Tips for sellers if you're new or not getting any orders


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After completing 200 orders in 7 months, I have made a list of things (in no particular order) that worked for me. This might help if you’re a new seller or not getting any order.

I posted tips and tricks for Fiverr few days ago that can help new sellers or if you’re not getting orders. Here’s an updated version in no particular order.

I think I’m qualified enough to make this list because I have completed over 200 orders under a year.

  1. PROFILE PICTURE: I have seen A LOT of sellers with a casual profile on their Fiverr’s profile. It should be a professional picture. Either a logo designed specifically for the Fiverr or a Picture of you in professional clothes (for example).

Fiverr is your job, you wouldn’t attach a picture of you in your casual clothes in a CV so why do the same on Fiverr?

  1. Spend as much time as you an on Fiverr.

Keep yourself online for as long as you can. Go through what competitors are doing, join Fiverr’s forum. Watch videos on Fiverr. Google list of things that sell on Fiverr. A lot of questions can be answered If you join their forums.

Spending time on Fiverr will also keep your status online and more people will contact you.

Download Fiverr’s app and respond to your potential buyer as fast as possible.

  1. Search what others are doing in your niche. Open the most selling gigs (500-1000 completed orders). Review them and compare them with your gigs.

  2. Your keywords on the title should be similar to most searched gigs. If you want to know what people are searching, write a word in the search bar and suggestions are the most searched things.

  3. Make a gig description that looks attractive. Don’t use long boring paragraphs but don’t write a really small description either. (If you won’t read your own description, no one will.) Make shorter paragraphs. Use headings and bullet points. Don’t tell why your services are better than others, 1000s of other sellers are doing it. Buyers expect 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee, etc. etc…

  4. Tell them what you can offer in your gig. Everything should be clear and precise. If you are a graphic designer, tell them in a description that you can make a logo, business card, letterhead, book covers, etc. Make a list of 15-20 things you can do in your gig description.

  5. I have seen this question in many groups “Can I make 2 accounts on Fiverr and use them?” Why? NEVER do that. You will risk both accounts because it’s against Fiverr’s TOS. You get 7 gigs as a New Seller, 10 gigs as a Level 1 Seller, 20 gigs as a Level 2 Seller and 30 gigs as a Top Rated Seller. Take advantage of all the slots.

  6. How to use 7 gigs as a properly as a New Seller?

Don’t offer different Design services in different gigs. Offer Every design service in one gig, Every video editing service in one gig, every UI design service in one gig and so on.

Don’t offer logo in one gig, letterhead in another gig.

(For example, just like you won’t buy, eggs from one store, bread from another store and milk from another store, buyers won’t buy multiple services from multiple gigs.)

Buyer don’t want to multiple gigs just to get a couple of things. If they don’t see something you offer, they will just move on.

(For example, if you don’t see something in a store, you will assume they don’t have it and go to another store.)

  1. BUYER REQUEST: Send all 10 buyer requests daily. If you don’t get a response, that means your proposal is not good. Make a professional proposal, just like any other company does.

a. Tell them about your experience.

b. Tell them you read their requirements and what you can offer based on that.

c. Tell them you are looking forward to a response.

Make sure it looks professional and personalized based on their requirements.

  1. Promote your gigs on Social Media. If you have a small following, ask your family and friends to share your profile.


You are risking your account and a real buyer will eventually see your potential if you’re not good enough.

  1. Always ask the buyer to give a feedback because it will help you grow your profile. Don’t ask them to rate you positively or give you 5 stars. But mentioning a rating is fine. I have done this to all my 200+ orders.


In fact, it does the opposite. You are risking your gig with a lot of favorites with few or no orders. If you have 100+ favorites and no order, buyer will think that something is wrong and move on. (That’s one of the reasons you don’t get orders).

  1. If your English is not good, add Grammarly chrome extension. It’s free.

  2. Learn the difference between British and American English and use accordingly.

  3. Be professional just like any other job.

  4. If you are get an order, make sure the buyer knows what exactly he’s getting for his price.

  5. Don’t upload half project if it’s not completed. Ask for extra time. Buyers are not naive, they will think something is not right or you’re probably scamming them.

  6. If you need extra time, talk to the buyer and tell them why you can’t complete it in time. Most buyers don’t mind accepting extra day request as long as they know the reason.

  7. Don’t focus on increasing the money at first, focus on increasing the order.

  8. Be friendly to the buyer even if he’s rude. In my experience, maybe 2 or 3 buyers were rude to me. If you’re friendly, buyers are willing to listen to you even if they don’t like your work.

  9. If a buyer doesn’t like your work, ask them if you can do something else instead. It’s better to do something else at the same cost instead of cancelling an order.

  10. Customer support is your friend and really responsive. They will be able to remove the order, if:

a. Someone bought it by accident.

b. Someone bought 2 orders when they wanted to buy 1.

c. Someone bought something but you are not able to do it. (See point number 6 to avoid this.)

  1. If a buyer messages you but you can’t do it, simply tell them no. Don’t just take every order because you want to increase your orders.

  2. Make sure that everything in your profile is filled properly and it looks complete.

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