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Received a cold contact from profile “***************.” They kept asking for my ***** [ Another Marketplace] account information. After questioning them, this was their eventual response:

*********** left you messages:

Actually i am ******* from ******** and 28 years old. I am a professional web and mobile developer with 10 years of experience as a freelancer. I have rich experience in ********, but i don’t have ********* account. So i would like to get your help. Can you help me?

Don’t know if this was a phishing episode, or if the individual was legit. Either way, we reported the profile and it was taken down. Please be advised.

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I posted the fake account as a public service to others who might encounter similar events. The account had already been deleted from the system by the time I posted this thread. I will continue to post such public service information each time they occur. ***********.

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