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How does Order Completion affect my status?


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Hello everyone!

My current completion rate is right now 60%. A few days ago buyer canceled his work. Though I delivered his project before deadline. When i was working his projects he did not response me. When 3 hours to go to auto completed he sent me a revision request. I revisioned again & sent perfectly. After 2 days he cancelled his project.

Another one is totally misunderstanding. Buyer submitted order without any conversation. Then i sent him a cancel request.

After 2 cancellation, my order completion rate is 60%. How does it affect my status? What should i do now?

Thanks in advance.

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I think we sellers normally take only ratings very seriously. However its very important to take our completion rate seriously as well. I find it hard to keep it above 90% but that’s where your response rate is important. If you can talk to the buyers before he places the order or make sure its clear in your gig what kind of service you provide so that you are getting orders which you can complete. It will make sure you have less cancellation.
If you still not able to avoid cancellation then you will have to give yourself sometime so that you can learn how to avoid cancellation once the order has been placed.

I hope it help.

Kind regards

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