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New to freelancing on fiverr

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Hi Everyone,
I am a full stack web developer, with experience in working on multiple wordpress website.
Junior level graphic designer, and working for 2 years as digital marketing executive in a local company.
But here I am just starting to get seriously active on fiverr despite setting up my account a while ago.
it would be very helpful if you could share share experience, insight of buyer communication.

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Thank you!

Still starting actually… Trying to find my way around

If you have the skills, which it seems like you do, you will grow very quickly around here. Always impress your buyer and try to get all 5 star reviews, and don’t take on projects you can’t do/too many projects. If you find that too many people are contacting you than you can handle, raise your price! Fiverr will boost you to the top, you’ll make more money for less effort, and you’ll have high-value buyers that you can retain.

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Hello, welcome to Fiverr.

So far your gigs look fine to me, but allow me to point out just one thing, you have only one sample image for your 3D modeling gig, and I believe it’s just a random interior shot of a
building you found online.
If I was a buyer, I won’t be able to tell how good you really are from that image.
You can load up to 3 sample images, you should show more of what you are capable of,
and be sure to choose your best and original work.

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