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Buyer Request : Let us choose our own gig!


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Hey Fiverr,

I hate your new Buyer Request since I can’t really search for new clients but I understand because of all the spam that can be generated etc… Having myself received spam in my Fiverr inbox.

But it would be nice to let us choose which gig we want to sell to the propective buyer instead of just choosing the one YOU selected. I don’t know how the prospective buyer do but from the seller point of view your system is not on point.

For example today I wanted to send a gig which was relevant to one of the buyer request but Fiverr didn’t let me choose the good one instead I had to send the wrong/not relevant gig which mean a potential loss for me…

I hope you guys fix this, I like what you did to protect customer but you are actually harming both of buyer and seller if you keep it that way.

My suggestion would be to let us pick which gig we want to send to a buyer request AND let us just write a little something.

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Reply to @kjblynx: I get the spam thing too and now I am able to spam buyers with unrelated gigs. Yes, I can do a follow up message through the inbox, but why should I have to? I’m already off to a poor start with the unrelated gig AND then there’s some message with a link which they may not trust to click. Not to mention, there’s no link between the actual request and your offer. How will I keep track of what the buyer requested if I have made multiple offers in the same category? Sometimes the buyer responds with “How much will you charge for 3 of them?” and I have no idea which request it was for or what the “them” was.

Customer Support says, “they shouldn’t be asking you that”. What?? Of course THEY SHOULD. How else should the buyer follow up with the seller? Not with a negotiation?

Beyond annoying!

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They did a great thing to protect people from Spam but the way they did it is really not that good for Sellers and Buyers as pointed out by you guys. Fiverr staff should really do something about that. The to get a specific gig for a buyer request would be to create a gig especially for them and even that method may not work if the buyer selected the wrong category/subcategory.

The limit of 3 request per day (for Level 1 don’t know for level 2 or no level ) is understandable.

Sad thing is that I’m pretty sure Fiverr staff never check this part of the Forum 😦

I left Fiverr because I teamed up with a partner and since we parted ways I came back to test the Fiverr v2 while I’m finishing to set up my other little business, so far the site is probably better in some ways but a lot of problems were created that are really harmful, and to me it’s not even a big problem but I think there is alot of people who makes decent money on Fiverr and needs it to bring moolah to the bank account

Like being unable to help a customer outside Fiverr etc…Which is kind of stupid considering that you have people promoting s***e course gigs and even get featured. I did it too for a French teaching gig and they busted my balls, while one give spanish classes and is featured never had any problem I’m sure of that, and that if you really want you just have to send them a .txt with a “Hey add me on s***e and I will help you”

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