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Great Experience With Customer Service


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There is a lot of complaining about CS on these forums, but this experience may add a little balance to the scales.

A buyer wanted some work done (obvs) so I did it, delivered it a day early in the form of a pdf delivery note, some images and a short note in the delivery box explaining the attachments.

On the third day, a couple of hours before the gig would have automatically completed, the buyer asked for a review.

The review indicated that something I had done - that the buyer had asked for! - wasn’t something they wanted and that they wouldn’t accept the delivery.

Shoutout here to @misscrystal for mentioning how to deal with this in answer to someone’s question.

I redelivered the whole thing - pdf, images and a note in the delivery box explaining they had asked for this.

A day or so later, I noticed the buyer had been active, but said nothing.

Again, a couple of hours before the delivery would have automatically completed, the buyer raised another issue about getting what they’d asked for. I delivered the whole thing again, with explanatory note… and this time contacted CS to make sure that a) what I was doing complied with TOS and b) some help with the buyer.

This went on for some time - I delivered the same thing several times - and each time the buyer waited until the last moment to “request a review”.

Not sure whether it’s ok to refer to the CS agent, but will say his name began with an A. He was incredibly helpful. Throughout this whole cat and mouse thing, which went on for the best part of a couple of weeks, he was kind, supportive and understanding. He also referred the issue to the Trust and Safety Team - I have no idea what they did. But since there was no cancellation, well, I think they might have had something to do with that.

I’m incredibly grateful to CS. They were wonderful.


  • If this kind of thing happens and you redeliver : redeliver the whole thing, don’t just click the delivery button. You have to actually deliver it. All of it. Over and over again if necessary.

  • Contact CS - they want to help you.

  • And @misscrystal - thanks again.

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