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SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know

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On 3/3/2019 at 12:07 PM, hanshuber16 said:

After having had a very intense/busy last week, I expected today to be a lazy Sunday — one of seclusion and contemplation. But — oh, no! Life would be too easy (too boring even) if everything went your way, am I right? 😉

As soon as I wake up, I usually check my mobile phone for notifications (I have ALL Fiverr notifications enabled, btw). Sometimes, I also open the Fiverr App just in case there is a notification hiding inside the App (sometimes, push notifications can be unreliable 😉 ). But, today, I didn’t see anything in the App either.

After making myself some breakfast, I opened Fiverr on my PC. I noticed the characteristic magenta/pink dot by the “Messages.” There were still no notifications on the Fiverr App, though. This struck me as strange. Anyway, when I checked the Fiverr notification on my PC, it was the dreaded “Verify your ID to continue on Fiverr” message. 😰 Yep, it appeared as a notification. So, please pay attention to those magenta/pink dots and the message that’s shown! 😉

Since there are hardly any posts (from people who have succeeded in their verification process) detailing the entire verification process, I thought I’d give a very detailed description of my experience. 😃 Okay, moving on…

When you click on that notification, it takes you to a page where there is a QR code (which directs you to the ID verification link) as well as an option to get the ID verification link (that the QR code directs you to) sent via e-mail. To be honest, I was under the impression that each seller received a unique link which would only work for that seller. However, it was just a generic link which took you to Fiverr’s ID verification page. This is the link that the QR code, as well as the email, directs you to:

https:// www.fiverr. com/id_verification/info

[Note: Hyperlink has been removed. Please do not go to this web-address if you haven’t yet received a notification to verify your ID. I have only shared this info. so that you understand every step of the process.]

Once you go to that link on your smartphone, you will then be asked to enter your Fiverr login details. The verification process will start as soon as you are logged in.

You can access the above-mentioned link via your PC/tablet/laptop, too. However, I am not sure if accessing that link from such devices would ask you to switch to a smartphone to proceed with the verification process. Fiverr suggests you do the verification process on your smartphone, and that’s how I did mine.

The verification process consists of 2 stages:

  1. Take a photo of your passport/driver’s license/ID.

  2. Take a photo of yourself.

You have the option to either go to the camera App on your phone to take a current photo or to access your photos/files on your phone to upload a pre-existing file/photo from your phone. Before proceeding to the next step in the verification process, you can also retake the photos as many ever times as you want until you are satisfied with the quality of the photo.

Just like how someone had already mentioned in a previous thread, you can also upload a pre-existing/pre-scanned photo of your document by clicking on the icon that allows you to access the photos/files on your phone.

I believe the more clear, sharp, focused, and bright (without overexposure, of course) your photos are, the higher is your chance of success.

Therefore, I believe the easiest way to succeed in the verification process is by getting a professionally-made studio-quality photo of your ID and yourself and uploading it during your verification process (by clicking on the icon that allows you to access the photos/files on your phone).

You could also use a scanner to scan your documents, but I believe a professional-quality photo of your ID (taken in a bright environment with diffuse lighting) would have a much higher resolution/quality.

Here’s what I personally did:

  1. Since I didn’t have a pre-scanned image of my ID that was of good enough quality, I decided to first take a photo of my ID before starting the verification process (I used a 16 Mp camera for this purpose). It is also possible to tab out of your browser to access the camera App on your phone even when you are already in the middle of the verification process on your mobile browser.

I stuck my ID onto the middle of a plain white paper (with double-sided tape). I then turned ALL the lights in my room on to ensure that the room was brightly lit and that the light was very diffuse. This was to ensure that there was no shadow projecting onto the ID while taking its photo. I rested the sheet of paper (with my ID) on a wall and then took a photo. Please make sure that the photo looks sharp and bright. I then uploaded the photo to my PC and edited it further for better brightness and image clarity. I then sent the edited image to my phone and started the verification process. In the first step, I clicked on the icon to access files on my phone and uploaded this edited image of my ID. Despite putting in all the effort to ensure that the edited photo was as bright as possible, the final uploaded image in step 1 looked dull/dark. But that didn’t seem to be an issue.

  1. Since I already had a studio-quality photo of myself taken when I had applied for my passport, I just uploaded that photo in the second step.

This is the end of the verification process. You will then get a message saying that Fiverr has received your photos and that they will inform you of the result.

Hardly 5 seconds after that, I got an email saying that I’d successfully verified my ID.



I also got a notification on Fiverr.



I would also like to mention that the ID that I’d uploaded was not an entirely English document. It had German, English, and French. So, I think Fiverr accepts non-English documents, too. 🙂

I did not see any information pertaining to the number of attempts I had available and the deadline for successful verification of ID prior to account suspension. Some users have claimed that you only have 15 days to verify your ID and that you only have 3 attempts. I am not sure if Fiverr has changed this in any way. Or maybe you’re shown that info. only after you fail in verifying your ID? I don’t know. :man_shrugging:

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding the ID verification process. I’d be glad to help y’all out. 😺


Fiverr must have changed this process. When I tried to take take a selfie of myself, none of those options were given. The camera was stuck on sideways and turned around. There was no option to add a picture from the library or to turn the camera around. It resulted in my account being temporarily disabled even though I have been talking to Fiverr customer service for over 2 weeks. All they told me was to get Google Chrome on my phone and try a different phone. I did both of these things and neither of them worked. I even sent them a screen recording of the process not working.

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I'm also facing this issue. I was asked to verify my ID and I uploaded my national ID card and a selfie. Yes, my account was temporarily disabled. What can I do to get my account back? I've worked my way to level 2 seller and I can't let my efforts go like that

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I too now am stuck with a disabled Fiverr account because of this failure to verify.  I took extremely crisp and clear photos 3 times and still kept getting denied.  Now I have 2 clients that to them appear I am ignoring them.  This is ridiculous.

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