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I lost my seller level!

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Thanks for your help.

That is not help that is truth …Just given you the information . I have got 4 warnings … Two for violation and two for TOS warning :rofl: .Now think about my situation … I think your situation is better than me …Just Be serious …And read the TOS properly.

And in my case I read the TOS 3 times in a week … 😂

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You won’t get your level back I’m sure.
I’ve got 2 warnings too and I’m still not sure I really did mistakes.
The first one was because I had a buyer who was totally new at Fiverr things. He wanted a revision and I asked him to make it official using revision request and I got a warning because “manipulating the reviews”.
The second one was because I had a buyer who had a larger file than 1GB so she couldn’t send it to me via Fiverr and she had it also on her Google Drive so I had to give her my email in order to finish the order so I got my second warning because of it.

I tried to explain both to CS and I received only canned responses about TOS.

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