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"Greeting" Tips for New User

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Hi. I’m new, and have just started fiverr a few weeks ago. Can you give me some tips for fiverr work?

Can you give me some tips for fiverr work?

Mod Note July 2018: This topic series is the “home” for tips that have been often re-posted and don’t need a thread of their own. Tip posts that are a fit for this topic will be moved here and the user can still easily find their post on their forum profile page under Activity. This is with the hope that sellers who want to post tips that are often repeated can still do so and be seen. It is also for those who may try a “practice” tip post when they are still new. Overall this thread will be us…
Suggestions on behalf of FontHaunt: Posting about your need for Orders/Buyers? (feel free to refer to this post): If you are reading this now and you just posted or plan to post asking about more orders, your first order, no orders, how to get buyers, advice, or tips - check out these ideas. Every single day there are many posts just asking for tips on how to get orders. If you actually read the posts and answers, you’ll find that most of these people don’t have an unusual question or a specia…
Tips & tricks for making your first sale and keep them coming in. This week, hosts Redd (http://www.fiverr.com/reddhorrocks) and Adam (http://www.fiverr.com/twistedweb123) are joined by David (https://www.fiverr.com/david388) to address some challenges that new sellers face, while sharing tips to help you get that first sale and build your Gigs into a steady business. Let us know about your first sale in the comments below. This episode was edited by: http://www.fiverr.com/dansha Jingle by…
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