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Add REPORT option to buyer requests for ILLEGAL activity


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I know a ton of users have requested adding a reporting feature to buyer requests, but I’m suggesting it yet again because the focus is usually on doing it to get rid of sellers promoting themselves. I’m more concerned about the number of buyer requests for things that are illegal.

I really don’t think Fiverr should be a home for that and it’d be better to allow concerned users to flag those requests than to have them brought to the attention of authorities who may take more extreme action to press the issue.

Think about the political atmosphere of the world right now regarding things like immigration. Then consider how often I see buyer requests looking for someone to help doctor passports and other IDs, fake documentation to help them overstay or obtain visas, etc.

Think about the number of innocent people tricked by others claiming to be something they aren’t or have experience they don’t have. Then consider how often I see buyer requests for someone to help fake academic or medical credentials.

And even on a smaller scale, buyer requests wanting sellers to doctor things like pay stubs, mortgage paperwork, etc.

I’ve seen these kinds of things as much as and in some cases, way more than seller promos, since I checked the section multiple times a day every day for a year straight before I stopped coming on here and I just want to make the point that it’s the kind of thing that should be taken more seriously.

Heck, I just fired it up again for the first time in a few months and the very first request was someone looking for a seller to doctor their emails to make it look like they cancelled a service so they don’t get charged for it lol

Yes, it’s annoying if a seller is promoting themselves and I can understand if Fiverr doesn’t want to spend the time reworking the section to address sellers being annoyed but if you take all of the things posted there that shouldn’t be into account, it’s well worth it to just add the reporting feature already.

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