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How to recover a disabled Fiverr account?


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Well, to be honest, my Fiverr experience has been a complete disaster. I had created a Fiverr account with my original email ID (**********) but disabled it for some time as I wasn’t using it. Now, I want to start working on Fiverr again but somehow I can’t recover my account and neither create a new account on that same email ID. Apparently, you can’t contact Fiverr support or post anything on forum unless you are logged in to the website. So, I’ve had to create new a email id and a new Fiverr account just to post this problem. If anyone knows a solution to the problem I’m having. Please let me know. I need that account because my cell phone is also linked with that account. So, any ideas to recover that account will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Well, the Fiverr instructions for closing an account/opening a new account then, do say that you can’t use the same email you used for your first closed account.
I’m pretty sure it also says somewhere that if you close your account, it’s gone, including gigs, reviews and all.

I don’t know if support does or even can help people to “recycle” an email for a new account but you can try, I guess, you can’t contact support on the forum though.

As you have an active account currently, you can use the ticket system. Click “Help” from the footer or top menu while you’re logged into your account (main site, not forum) and scroll/click yourself through the Help Center to a button “Contact Us”, where you can create a support ticket.

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As @miiila said fiver has a “warning message” when you were disabling your account that it will be final and you wouldn’t be able to recover it.
No one can help you reopen old account even CS.

You already created this new account so you will just have to start from zero again. Next time just read the messages and info that fiverr providing.

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