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Dry Patche?... AnyOne Else Experiencing a Decline in Gig Requests?


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Hi All,

Hope everyone’s doing great!

I’ve actively been using fiverr for 7 months now, honestly have had a great deal of fun and had some Awesome Gig requests.

You may have picked up that I absolutely Love what I do on here. Yep, I do!

I’m a Voice Over Artist 🙂 I have three VO related gig’s on fiverr.

I’m aware there are a great deal of VO providers on fiverr, but very few Female English/British VO’s. Honestly have no idea why… but things have started to dry up. this month by far has been the lowest earning month for me, by far.

I’ve not changed any of my Gig’s and really just wondering if I was alone in this? or if other fiverr seller’s have been experiencing the same??

Please find my gig below… to have a peak at or even scrutinise. All advice is welcome.


I’d love to hear your thoughts experiences and even suggestions as to how to improve sale? and overcome this recent dry patch.

I look forward to hearing from you lovely fiverr Superstars!

Tammy 😃

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I’m not sure there is a definitive answer for this, at least not any single answer.

We all go thru slumps. On the flip side, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries and gigs lately. I suspect a slump will follow.

Fiverr is crowded with VOs. I think there are a lot of Female British VOs and I use several for my American clients.

Some of us do VO for a living and need more than what Fiverr alone can bring, so a lot of outside networking and promotion is required to sustain.

For 9 years, I’ve taught the ART and BUSINESS of VO at a college on the east coast and the industry has changed and evolved tremendously in the 20+ years I’ve been at it.

If you would allow me the privilege to make two comments about your gig??

  1. A video of you speaking directly to potential buyers would help a lot.
  2. VO marketing today has nothing to do with voice, talent, equipment or training. It’s about building trust and helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s demonstrating a product or explaining a process. Try being more client-centric in your gig description and your marketing. There’s a lot of “I will”. Try a “you will” approach and make it more about the buyer.

    Good luck! 🙂
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