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What I can improve in this gig. Not getting impressions and queries


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Hi Fiverr Community,
I have made a gig and improved it many times, title description tags, added portfolio images pdf and tried what i could do in my knowledge added FAQ’s and have compared it with best ranking gigs as well.

Can you guys guide me what I shall improve in this gig so that I can get some queries or orders on it.

Thanks in advance.

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Check out this …

Many People are worried about order If they follow this tip I guarantee They will get order… 1.Online 8 hours and refresh fiverr after every 15 minutes This will difficult but first you struggle then desire for something. 2.Always keep eyes on buyers request do try you are the first to send buyers request… 3.Think 100 times before making Gig but Once gig is created then never change because if you change the gig title what will happen your URL is not change this will be the same as your previ…
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