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"Local bank transfer" is NOT a good option for Indian sellers


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can you please send me the link where this statement is given? I am also confused between paypal/bank transfer. Previously Paypal was better for any amount below $1000. But recently bank transfer may become better for Indian. I just want to check.

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Payoneer is the best option I would say for Indian sellers.

Some of the reasons behind that.

  • In most cases you will get your funds in your bank account within 24 hours. (in PayPal it is 4-5 days)
  • Payoneer transfers the funds on the current exchange rate. But PayPal has it’s own exchange rates which are always less than actual market rates.

So without any doubts Payoneer is best for Indian Sellers.

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in case of money payoneer is good…it will give high conversion rate and no fee for fiverr users…but minimum withdrawal is 50$ , in case of paypal its 10$…both payoneer and paypal will credit the money in our account almost same days (within 2 days)…payoneer will credit within 24 hours…but there is auto withdrawal option only…so the end of the day only it will send to bank account…but for paypal both withdrawal option is there…so the time taking is almost same for paypal and payoneer…

paypal will take max 1 dollar fee and conversion rate is less compared to payoneer…last week i got 64.53 from paypal…payoneer will give near to 66…

paypal customer support is good than payoneer…and paypal is more established than payoneer…

anyway incase of getting more money you can choose payoneer…

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I withdrawn amount on Monday 28th march 2016, its about 16 hour passed, still have not received amount in my bank amount, how to check status in payoneer ? when I trying to logged in payonner it shows me blank screen every time, it happened 3 times

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