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Hello everyone,

I just thought of sharing this with you.

So I have this very kind buyer who has ordered from me 6 times since the last 2 months.
He has a small painting company, he had an idea of reaching out his target audience, somehow, he had his hands on a huge list of companies and their email addresses, he requested from me to develop an Excel sheet that will automatically send emails to every single Email address on the list, attaching sample photos of his previous jobs. So I did and over the course of these 2 months, we have been improving it, implementing ideas to make it faster, robust …etc.

4 days ago, he reached me and this is what he said:

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You can asked buyer politely about project and budget cost. This will help you to understand the value of your work in local market.

Thank you for the advice.

I actually know the value of my work, this buyer only based the ‘triple your prices’ sentence that he said to me, on the revenue he made using my script. Others might use my script and not get a single job as my buyer did. So they might think that they wasted their money on my script because they failed to use it properly.

It is a tunnel-vision thing.

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