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Fiverr's hidden commision from buyers

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Dear All,

I am new seller at Fiverr, Wanted to have a good start with unique services for domain resellers however disappointed when I see Fiverr’s commision from buyers.

In the past I was very happy as a buyer but today I will most probably hesitate and avoid buying services since I hate such hidden costs. Price should be whatever it is announced!

This platform already getting commision from each sale so why needed additional hidden commision? They could add some adverts to their pages or limit affilate marketing strategies however this is worse choise for such world wide platform. I am sure this will cause lost at overall gain as I already started seeking alternative platforms and I am sure most of the people thinks like me.

I wanted see if people thinks similar as me but also dissapointed as all related topics are closed by mods with some reason.

We have only one aim here. It is to be heard by Fiverr’s top management.

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