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Issues with new Podcast Category


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I love Fiverr. I really do but it seems like every time you all roll out something new in my categories (podcast and VO) that you’ve not spoken with the best representation of the sellers. There are some things that you missed or didnt do well with the new podcast roll out.

First; it’s better. Than you for improving it. I see nothing that actually hurts podcast editors. However, the 2 primary items about podcast are the total raw length of an episode and if the buyer wants “Detail” editing. Which is where we remove fillers and stuff. There is no reason that podcasts cant be just like voiceovers in that the first thing a buyer should select is duration. That’s the way this should be. A. Input length. That way they don’t have to “Decide” which is the correct package. Also, the way it currently is can be very confusing for buyers. Absolutely nothing indicates to them that they have the option to add time once they begin the order. So if they have over an hour, they need to buy more but they do not see how to do that. Allowing us to set a MINIMUM order and then give a base per minute cost, solves all of that. B. Detail edit should be another per minute rate that we can set. Then they click the option for “Detail” edit and it automatically adds the correct cost to the total raw time that they selected. That is hands down the cleanest way to start an order.

You have an extra for “Add music” That needs to say Add buyer provided music". Most of us are not going to supply music unless it is a custom offer due to licensing issues. I can guarantee that somebody will buy that and expect music from the editor.

ID3 tags, same thing, they have to provide the info.

You totally forgot to “Add Your Cover Art” as an option. Extra money there.

If you are not going to add detail editing as a per minute price then you need to add it to the “Extras” list. Almost none of us are going to offer it standard.

“Adding intro/outro/ads” is pretty broad. If somebody has 4 ads across the episode that can add up. Intro/outro should be separate from ads. and ads should be by quantity. At least multiples of 2. Remember, if they have a lot of ads they have more budget anyway.

You all did some great stuff and I am very grateful that you’re trying to improve the podcast category. I offered to help out in the category a long time ago. There is a lot of money to be made in this category for true pros and I’d love to help refine it so that the buyers have a much easier experience and I wouldn’t have to spend so much time providing custom offers.

Thanks for your consideration.

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