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Withdraw for foreing bank account



Hello guys!

I’m new to Fiver and it’s time for my first withdrawl. I have a question to ask before requesting withdrawal.

I live in Brazil, I registered my Fiverr account over here, but I have a bank account in Canada and I want to withdraw what I have in Fiverr for my Canadian account. The account is in my name, with my data, all right. Is it possible to request withdrawal for this account from Canada, even though you live in Brazil?
Thank you in advance for your attention and answers.

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This is an unusual question. The forum is made up of buyers and sellers and most of them live in the same country where they have a bank account. You might not be able to get a realistic answer here even if someone guesses. I suggest that you ask Customer Support. PayPal or Payoneer may be better options in your situation.

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