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Cannot Verify Account by Phone

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While setting up a new gig I saw that I needed to verify this, at the end of the process, by phone.

I am still not clear whether it is the account which needed the phone verification or the new gig itself. The Fiverr script seemed to be under the impression that this was the first time I had set up a gig (it was not: I have been with Fiverr as both Buyer and Seller for eight years). But I had just changed my email address, so it may have been this that made Fiverr think that I was brand new to the platform.

I went to verify the gig (or the account, as it was never made clear to me which needed verified: or both) and I entered my phone number and clicked the button to be called (rather than receive SMS, as I have a landline).

However, my phone did not ring.

I tried it again. I then tried a different browser, cleared my cache and cookies, logged out, cleared cache and cookies again, and tried every combination I could think of before entering my phone number. I must have tried this phone verification about a dozen times now.

Each time it failed. The outcome is that I am not able to verify my gig (or my account, or both) by phone.

I asked a support agent if there was any other way of veriffying my gig (or account or both) and his reply was that he had not heard of this as being an issue before (despite this being an item in the drop-down menu of known issues).

I have asked Fiverr repeatedly if there is any other way to verify my gig (or my account, as it was never made clear to me which it was) and I have had no response.

So I was wondering if any other user had had this difficulty before, and if there is a solution.

I suspect that Fiverr Admin can simply verify the account (or gig, because it was never etc…) but of course I can never get in contact with Fiverr Admin. I am at the mercy of whatever knowledge the lottery of the help system throws up when an agent responds.

Any ideas, anyone?

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