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How to say no to a client asking you to redo a project?


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I have spent the better part of three days working on a project for a client that meets their specifications to a tee. They wanted a graphic for their website that matched the style of others already there. Went through multiple rounds of revisions, a different ask every time.

Now they just sent this: “nope, i don’t like her, i dont know why, it just doesn’t fit with the others can you do another style character with different face and different hair?”

I’ve had 80 clients, have a perfect 5 star rating, and I’ve never had to put my foot down and say ‘absolutely not’. How do you deal with these types of situations?

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Do you have unlimited revisions in your gig description?

If you don’t you can say you will consider the job complete now. Tell him you have done all you can. Tell him he is asking for a new separate order and you have only gotten an order for one job.

And deliver it.

I give two free revisions. Sometimes I let a third slide. But generally two is plenty.

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