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Can someone teach me a little bit about how to get orders?


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Can someone teach me a little bit about how to get orders? I’m new here and I haven’t got any sales until now.
Maybe there’s a problem with my gigs or there’s something that I haven’t realized yet…I’m not really sure.
These are the links to my gigs:
If you think that you can help me, even a little bit, and you do so, I’ll be grateful 😊 .

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I have moved your post to the “Improve my Gig” Category. That is where others can make suggestions to you.

The first thing I noticed is that you do not have a profile description. That is where you introduce yourself to your prospective clients. Try adding a well written one.

Ok, thank you, I’ll do it, if you find other things that I’ve missed tell me:)

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I’m not sure the review writing part of one of your gig is allowed. eg. if you’re being paid to write a positive review of a product etc. Fiverr might have a problem with it (eg. if it’s misleading buyers who read the review).

See: Gig Denied for allowing "Paid for reviews?" Looking for help!

Though unlike the above you’re probably not posting the review, but creating the reviews might be misleading/maybe even seen as fraud (if it’s positive regardless of whether the product is good or not, with the intention of making consumers think it’s good and making them think that it’s a genuine review and prompting them to buy).

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