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Buyer not response and delivery time is over!


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I am a WordPress Developer.
Yesterday, I have ordered on my landing page gig. And buyer can’t give me his domain & hosting access with the order. Then I was asking him domain & hosting access in the message. Then He sometimes later give me a domain & hosting access. But there was a problem that his domain was free and domain & hosting author don’t permit him free domain.
I knocked him the message then he said to me that he is fixed the domain & hosting problem at that time. But he didn’t any replay at this moment. Today, when my order time is remain 1 hour then I am offered to extend the delivery time but he is not online. And my order now leat 2 hours.

Please give me a good idea and what can I do now 😦 .

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Your order is already late so nothing much you can do at this point but to wait for his response on your time extension (it still will affect your statistics as late though)

Next time just don’t wait until it’s only one hour remaining on the order and send time extension earlier (you never know if buyer is sleeping or working or just simply might not have access to fiverr)

P.S and please don’t send your topic to other people in the inbox. It’s really annoying and might be considered as spam.

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