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Need the Extra Fast option to be selectable when ordering multiple gigs


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It’s very annoying for my customers to add multiple gigs and also the Extra Fast option. As of now, the Extra Fast Option disappears once they select multiple units. This is not the way it should be. I want my customers to able to select multiple gigs and at the same time be able to add all the extras as it fits my custom jobs. I do custom jobs of over 200 dollars so this option is a must for me. Otherwise they are getting confused and have to get additional instances of a gig when all could be resolved by being able to select all the extras and the Extra Fast at the same time they are adding multiple units for that same gig. Makes sense?

[sheriffs Note: As EFD is a gig extra, there is another thread about this started when the Forum was first established. Instead of a new thread being created here, please post our concern in the discussion of the more established thread. http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/183#Item_35 Thank you.]

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