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How can I improve my gig quality?


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#1 Must to get ranked

• Use the correct keywords

• Fiverr has a search engine you must understand that

• Use every variation of keywords in your :

• Add the keywords to the Tags

• Create 7 Gigs of same Niche(Topic)

Be available 24/7

Promote Your Gigs

#1 Must to get ranked

No, no, no… this has absolutely nothing to do with the OP’s request regarding how to improve the quality of his gigs. Nothing whatsoever – thus, a terrible and unsupportive tip.

Use the correct keywords

What does this mean? Can you be more specific? Vague answers like this are pointless.

Fiverr has a search engine you must understand that

Everybody knows that Fiverr has a search engine. Again, pointless “advice”.

Use every variation of keywords in your

In “your” what? Title? No. You have limited space. DO NOT cram that space with nothing but keywords. Learn to write a great title, that both incorporates the core keyword of your service, but also describes what that service is.

Add the keywords to the Tags

This is the only good tip that you have written. Yes, choose tags for your gig that reflect the service you offer.

Create 7 Gigs of same Niche(Topic)

Ugh. No. Fiverr actually dislikes this. Don’t copy gigs just for the sake of having more than one of the same service within the same niche. If you’re going to offer more than one gig, find ways to make each gig unique, different, and complimentary.

Be available 24/7

Stop. This is NOT a thing. You do NOT have to be online 24/7 to earn sales. Your gigs should be set up to allow people to place orders at any time, whether you are online or off. You have a life. Live it. Be on Fiverr when you can be on Fiverr. If you sit around on Fiverr 24/7, the only thing you’re going to do is stress yourself out.

Promote Your Gigs

Yes, you should promote your gigs, but you should promote them to your target customers. Figure out who your target customers are, do some research to determine where those customers can be found, and then go to those places, show those customers how you can solve their problems, and then encourage them to hire you.

And, finally…

Please stop giving advice. You’re not very good at it, and most of what you wrote is terrible, completely false, and does not help other sellers become better sellers.

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