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SR & PA Copyrights too?


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Hi I’m in NY State,
Just wondering how I can secure both (SR & PA) when submitting my original songs to Copyright.gov as one without the other, (depending on your situation), I’m told, will not protect your songs overall. Such as the SR (sound recording), does not protect your song’s underlying work but does protect and pay you when your songs are on either radio tv etc. …and though the PA (Performing Arts Work), will protect your Lyrics ; Melodies and if someone records your song, You unfortunately will not get paid for the ‘master recording’-just the writer’s royalties. So wondering if I can do one type then go through to do the other? Just curious. I’ve recorded/performed my own songs and would like to upload with Copyright.gov My original idea was to just write the lyrics/music for others to perform … but shouldn’t it be better to be covered both ways ? (SR & PA) Anyone to shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated!
thank you for your time.

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