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Attention Fiverr Newbie and Level Zero Sellers


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Hello and welcome!

This Forum…

Is a USER forum and is not monitored or moderated by Fiverr brass or developers. Suggestions for improving Fiverr are always welcome here, but please note that no one on this forum can fix anything or change Fiverr policies. USERS can only offer guidance, suggestions, tips and lively conversation.

This Forum…

Is populated largely by SELLERS (over 99.9% some one said). When posting new gig(s) to the “MY FIVERR GIGS” section, be aware that posts are largely seen by SELLERS and NOT BUYERS. It makes little or no sense to SPAM the forum with self promotion, bump one’s own posts, or beg for sales. Percentage wise, there really are NO BUYERS here, and to win favor with SELLERS, a different approach is required.

This Forum…

Has a contingency of Level 2 and Top Rated Seller’s with a lot of time on the Fiverr platform, a vast array of successful gigs and bountiful knowledge about how to set up gig(s) on Fiverr, as well as how to market gig(s) both on and off Fiverr. When a thoughtful question is asked or a concern is raised, some very helpful responses can be expected.

This Forum…

Can be very educational and a path to success for Fiverr SELLERS and BUYERS alike. SELLERS can learn to develop, set up, tweak and test gig(s) for maximum results. BUYERS can learn what to look for in a SELLER and how to go about getting the best results and return for their money.

Good luck to you! 🙂

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