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Solution for accidental order placement


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Well it seems that orders are placed by buyers accidentally like ‘a lot’. This has been an increasingly growing problem causing so many sellers’ levels and stuff when they mutually cancel the order. There are however solutions which I think might work and need others’ opinion on it.

  1. When a buyer clicks on the “ORDER NOW” button he or she should be placed upon a page where it enquires the buyer, in how many days he/she requires this order delivered and show results which display a list of gigs from the seller matching the number of days required. This will reduce the ‘non-accidental’ ordering by buyers (intentional).

  2. Also for us, the sellers could have an option confirming payment whenever we click on the “ORDER NOW” or “ADD” (Gig extra) buttons. This will be good because we know what and how much we’re paying. The current system however just places the order without even asking for confirmation. What if we click by mistake? - This really happened to me.

    Let’s hope my solutions make sense and I would like to hear from you guys 🙂

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