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Returning buyers and New sellers


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Hi new sellers (including me),

I saw couple of posts most of new people complains about not getting order, even the first. If you need to get more orders in future work hard today. It takes 10 months for me to realize how to proceed.If you are a hard worker you can find your path to get ratings and earn more.

First order isn’t the hardest one, If you are stucked without even first try these methods.

1.Try to add keywords to your description

how to find keywords - just switch to your buyer view / account / switch to buying and type what you sell in the search bar, Ex- If you are a flyer designer, type flyers on the search bar hit enter. then you can see few keywords which saying - Related Searches. Try to obtain even 1 keyword in the description

2.For god sake, Don’t just google,download,upload your cover images. three steps easier but not worthier.If you are non skilled - go to https://learn.fiverr.com and find a suitable course for you. you can find many programs which starting from the beginning.

  1. Other thing is gig description, Saw a top rated seller and copied your description from him? man noooooooooooooo It’s his gig Description you need to do something yours to go to that rate. I did this stupid thing before, You need to be yourself, not some oneself. It’s fine look at them and getting an idea.

4.at the beginning try to offer 1 day service,12hrs is good,6hrs is better within 1 hour it’s fantastic.buyer loves to see even a scratch.

5.Social media signals - a one of best ways to get ranked from fiverr.use facebook,twitter,linkedin and share your gigs. don’t just share try to find large groups with the same mental scenario. as a graphic designer I found graphic designing groups with large number of people, now one of them gives me even 1 order per day trough fiverr.

That’s all gentlemen go ahead ! sleepless nights, no order days, waiting hours, patient will clear your path sooner. for me It’s 1.30AM.

Good luck.

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