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Fiverr message system sucks!


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There are plenty of serious issues on Fiverr conversations and I don’t understand how this big company doesn’t care enough to fix things like that. It seems like now Fiverr is only looking how to make money at first place and they don’t care improving seller experience in any way, except something that is direct to making more money for Fiver.

Ok, I will not be talking about the other issues fiverr currently has, but the most annoying problems are on Fiverr’s conversation system. I hate when I write long message to my client, send it, reload the page (I learned that I need to check it) and the message is not there - it hasn’t been sent. What if you don’t check if it has been sent and later figure out that client is still waiting for your response… Response rate and client’s experience depends on that.

Another issue is that fiverr doesn’t always update messages when they had been read. The same happens with Fiverr app, notifications and everything doesn’t disappear if you haven’t read it on phone, but read it on desktop only.

Those may seem small bugs for someone, but it really affects progress on fiverr gigs and effective communication with buyers on fiverr.

Who else have these issues? Maybe you have noticed more issues than that on Fiverr? Please let the Fiverr know, because it seems they are too relaxed to check their bugs. 🙂

Sorry Fiverr for being open about your issues. It’s not the first time you are having serious issues and don’t care about it. You should understand that a lot of people here are making money for living and dedicating their lives to it. So you should take some responsibility and start really improving your service.

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