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Never give up. no order last one and half month


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Hi! I’m new too and I haven’t had any order yet. All I can say is not to give up, you will find someone who likes your gigs, I hope you do. In the meantime try to share your gigs on Facebook and Twitter, I heard that’s useful.
I wish you the best! Good luck and never give up!

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Last one and half month no order. But i can’t give up. I have to try and try.if everyone get every day lot of order. Why not me?

I have to try and try

I need to ask, what exactly have you tried?

I see that you have fixed the “hair” part from your description, but that’s just the

start. Have you checked out other successfull sellers that are offering the same type of gigs? I’ve seen other photo retouching gigs by other popular sellers, and they have GREAT sample images which shows the sellers’ skills very clearly. Their gig descriptions are error free as well.

Unfortunately when I see your sample images, none of them stand out and they don’t look impressive, and the description needs a bit more work.

I mentioned this in one of my posts, but if you are wondering why you are not getting orders while others are being successful, ask youself this question:

Can you look at your gig, then compare it with another very popular seller and honestly tell yourself “My gigs are exactly the same level of quality” ?

I’m sorry if I’m sounding harsh, but if you have 5 years of experience as mentioned in your description, I’m sure you have a huge amount of great sample images you can use. Why not use those??

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