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Need for Better Cancellation Policy


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I’ve only had 3 cancellations on orders from Buyers during my time here on the site. One was a legitimate difference of opinion between me and the Buyer. However, the other 2 were instances where the Buyer placed orders unilaterally without discussing the task with me first and ensuring that I could deliver and after a discussion of the price. I have restrictions on my gig as to the amount of work I will do for $5, and yet people ignore that. After the first 2 unnecessary cancellations, I placed a request on my gigs that the Buyer not placed any orders until we agree on terms. I’ve been through this with Customer Svc and they tell me that cancellations of any sort negatively impact my performance statistics. I now have another Buyer who refuses to withdraw his order or unilaterally cancel it. It is ridiculous that he will not cooperate, particularly since I just had surgery and have not yet fully recuperated.

Is there a way to contact Customer Service to address such problems? I keep getting a message to mutually cancel the order which definitely counts against me.

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