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Buyer gave bad rating by mistake


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Its me again. I posted this 1 year ago but now I have gain much more experience about this platform. Probably they changed that ratings because the buyer also had opened a ticket to them.

My suggestion is, do not contact to the buyer or cs about changing the rating. My case was rare but most of the time people get warning when they talk about this rating with the CS.

Even if it was by mistake, let it there and do hard work for more and more 5 star ratings.

Good luck all!

i dont understand, what TOS exactly will you brake by contacting cs??

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no no…

How you break the TOS when contacting cs for a wrong review? Which terms, what do you do wrong, when the buyer made a mistake?

Sorry, I thought you replied on my other thread therefore I replied very differently.

So answering to your question, I think when you talked about 5 stars then you violate tos. In my case it was clear that buyer wrote a very good comment and then gave 1 start directly not even 4 or 3. I described the situation to them, I did not say them why it is 1 star and/or it should be 5.On the other hand, buyer also had opened the ticket about this.

Many times people who get warning with discussing this with CS. There might be difference that how they discuss. Sometimes people are in so anger that when they get 1 star rating they their-selves start considering it that buyer leave it with mistake and start messaging to the buyer about this and also open the ticked and when CS see their messages about 5 stars then they might give warning.

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