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Has anybody made you (almost) cry?


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Don’t get me wrong, not cry in a bad way,but more like tears of joy-ish thing.

Last year, I worked on a gig for a buyer’s teenager daughter, and he wanted me to draw his

daughter in anime chibi style, so I drew the image, sent it, and he left me a nice comment telling me

that his daughter cried when she saw the image. That made my day, I never thought my simple drawing

can make someone cry! 😃

This time however, was a bit different. I got an order yesterday, and a nice gentlemen asked me to draw his

niece. He sent me a photo of a beautiful young girl, but I realized that she was handicapped, and was partially

missing her arm. I wasn’t really sure how to draw her, so I drew her in a dress, and posed her in a way where

both of her arms were slightly hiding behind her back. I could have messaged the buyer if I should draw her

arm clearly, but I just wasn’t sure how to ask him.

So I finish the image and sent it, and a few minutes later he sent me a message asking me to make a little change.

He wanted me to draw her arm clearly, and he also mentioned that the girl and her family calls her

arm a "wing."

OK, I don’t want to get all drama queen and stuff, but for some reason the word “wing” got to me,

I thought it was so sweet.

So, I redrew her arms, one arm waving, and her other arm, her wing, showing clearly.

I re-sent the image, and the man thanked me and also told me that his niece will be thrilled

to see her “wing” in anime style.

Well, this is where I teared up a little! 😃

Did you guys ever receive a comment that made you cry or almost cry??? 😃

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Guest matt_garry

I almost shed a tear today when someone actualy didnt try to low ball me when I gave him a quote ;_)

and then laughed so hard I cried because a dude messaged me asking me to pay him to buy my gig because he is from a country I dont have on my world domination…

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