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Negative Review improvement


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Just learn from the experience and move on to your other orders. Don’t worry too much about it. Sometimes, a negative review might be inevitable; we may not be able to satisfy each and every customer. Don’t let it bog you down, though. 🙂

thank you sir.i will be continue.

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After reading your post, comments and your client’s review. I wonder how you managed to get 9/10 in English Basics! :thinking:

I wonder how you managed to get 9/10 in English Basics

Is it possible that the test was taken by someone other than the OP (family/friend?)? Or maybe the seller took additional help? idk… just speculating. The lengths people go to… to do something like this… :roll_eyes:

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I agree with what others have said here. To be honest, I would also suggest that you change the writing gig. You could offer articles in a language you use more often. You have this in your writing gig description:

“I am an Educationist and compulsive perfectionist, so you can expect only the best from me, I provide best services to my clients that make them ask for more. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.”

This small part of your description demonstrates a lack of fluency. I’m not that fussy about these things, my experience is really in literature and I didn’t deeply study grammar. I’m not even close to a perfect writer, but I can spot glaring issues in your gigs.

Good luck.

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Hi isratamanna,
I saw your post looking for suggestion. but in spite of suggestion many criticized you but let me tell you don’t take them in negative way. think positive! my tips is that:

  1. ask yourself are you here in fiverr for earning money or pursuing passion.
    if you are here for money so… plz stop it won’t last long. and if you are here to pursue passion so you are most welcome and earning will come automatically!

  2. Be what you are! if seller has given such review analyze it. work on it and move ahead !

  3. change your gig’s false or overstated statements, beleive me fiverr buyers are too good and they generally give 5 start review in 95 cases so be natural. accept mistakes work on it. and if you did best in next order belive me everyone looks for positive.

  4. Don’t loose hope! this is fiverr family and you are member too so everybody is here to support you Don’t loose hope. delate, modify, edit, gig, you’ll surely Rock!!!

best of luck


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