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Fiverr's best feature for sellers. We can use this to maintain good relationship with buyers


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The “Replace / Remove Feedback” link gives sellers a chance to make it right with buyers or vice versa. Bad feedback is not written in stone.

I guess if the buyer is legitimate, asking the buyer to remove their own feedback could work with maybe an apology from the seller saying “I am sorry, lets make this right. Here is what I am offering you, but as the gig description clearly states, I cannot honor that request. Here is what I AM willing to do for you”. Something like that.

With this feature, buyers can always take back their bad reviews if you ask nicely. Sometimes, my friends, it’s not about delivering results that the buyer does not like, but the attitude of the seller that creates the need for the bad feedback and we have all been there. I single out nobody.

I said it in another forum post: If you treat the buyer professionally and with respect, even if the buyer does not like your service, you still may get positive feedback. In the case where you don’t, you only need to go through Customer Support unless the buyer is non-responsive or stubborn, but this certainly gives seller more hope and takes the pressure off of Customer Support and US SELLERS.

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