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How control Fiverr profit right way for accounting


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Hey , i am israeli seller and buyer … Fiverr is israeli company

When i buy product i need add 17% VAT for every order i make , even if i order from Non israeli client , so its mean Fiverr is the seller (not the guy who made the work) , but from what i understand fiverr is only connector and the seller (who made the gig is the guy i worked with him) so why i pay 100% VAT for order

Now when i am the seller , for who i need give invoice

  1. To buyer (lets say xxxxxx) depends his country , if country is israel so with VAT and if not so without , but like we know Fiverr allready take VAT , so i not need also pay double VAT.
  2. Now second option is wait for withdraw and only when withdraw give invoice , but this invoice will be for Fiverr and this way if i right , i need 17% because fiverr is Israeli company.
  • Last thing , when i have active balace , i use him and Fiverr send me invoice , so what i need make with this invoice

If here some israeli seller and buyer what are you doing

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