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How do I become the top one Chinese translator on Fiverr


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Hi, I am Ray. A freelance translator and writer live in China. Two years ago, that is 2011, I became a member of fiverr. Before I came here, I worked as a freelance translator on Elance. When I came to fiverr, I was attracted by the simple interface and operation. Compared with fiverr, elance is too complicated; I even feel hardly to understand some functions so far. So I left there and involved myself into fiverr completely. At first, my business is not good, my first successful gig is just for fun, I post a gig that I will provide a fortune-telling with traditional Chinese way. Actually, I am not a fortune teller and I know nothing about it. After this gig was ordered by a customer, I employed a local fortune teller to calculate for her according to her birthday information. To my surprise, the customer left a positive feedback to me. It gave me great encouragement to work here.

Then I created a gig to provide translation service between Mandarin/ Chinese and English for 300 words for just $5. Soon, I got a lot of orders with my skill and carefulness, I even need to decline some work to guaranty the quality sometime. Actually, translation is a conscientious work; the quality of it is with great difference between careful and careless work. As a skillful translator like me, the maximum words I can handle is about 2000-2500 English words or 1500-2000 within 8 working hours. One of my client said that his Spanish translator can translate 5,000 words each day. I think maybe he is right, because Spanish is very similar with English , but for Chinese, the grammar, the sentence structure, the order of words are completely different system with English , so the translation speed is much lower than others. To type a Chinese character, we need to type more letters than English. For example, the word “radio” in Chinese is three characters, “收音机”,I need to type ”shouyinji+space” to finish it, sometimes, there are many options characters for each Pinyin, we have to choose the right one from them. If the clients need a higher quality service, the progress will be much slower because I have to choose the best words from several synonyms. There are some translators who create a gig and say that they will translate more than 1000 words for just $5, obviously, they will use machinery translation instead of manual. So I have to make advice to the clients who are looking for a Chinese translator on fiverr. Do not pay too much attention to the price, as an unbelievable low price usually means unbelievable bad quality.

At present, I had become the top one Chinese translator with over 400 positive reviews by my efforts and hard work. The average salary of my hometown in China is about 3000 Yuan per month, equals to about 500 US dollars. Now I can make about 600-1000 US dollars per month on fiverr, it makes me satisfied and comfortable. Here I have to say thank you to fiverr site and all the clients who provide me working opportunities.

In addition to work as a translator on fiverr, I write book and sell it on Amazon.com. This year, I finished an ebook , it has a strange name:” 9 Hours+ 9 Dollars = 99 Years Old?”, actually, it is a book about how to prevent and treat some diseases with traditional Chinese medicine method. You can find it and buy one if you have interest: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CZEAFJU/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

Next year, I will write a book about how to earn money from Chinese people. Please expect it.

At my free time, the favorite thing I like is travel everywhere. I am a member of couchsurfing.com , maybe someday I will be a guest of the couch in your room, haha! You can find my travel notes here: http://nativechina.blog.163.com/

Fiverr provide equal opportunities for you and me, no matter where are you from and where are you located. So just try you best to create nice gigs to make more money. Never over look small money, there is a Chinese saying “cover large distances in small steps! “

If you like fiverr, like travel, like sunny life, like me, welcome to follow me on facebook: Ray Ju.

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