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How Long Time Need getting First Order

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@liveforkan @graphic_99 Thank you so much brother. But honestly speaking, I will say it that 80% of communication and 20% luck got me the first order. And I got it from BR. I have been browsing the forum section from November anonymously. And I was thinking if I should try fiverr or not.

And with all the knowledge you guys share here, (I really thankful to you people for sharing your experience) I was creating a mind map of how this fiverr thing work.

And honestly, Fiverr is an amazing place. I am doing Branding for around 4 years now and now I can get more clients with less effort. That’s really a cool thing to me. And I am happy that I was able to sell my premium pack ($150 worth) Instead of the $5 pack.

And now I am over sure that buyers need quality, they do not really care about the price. Still we sellers should maintain a standard price instead of ripping off clients.

So, what will you suggest me now? Though I am not getting enough impression or clicks/views!

Thanks in advance,

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still waiting from 1 month

@worldtrend850 Brother I am also pretty new here. So can not suggest you anything.

But I was exploring your feed and as a designer I can suggest something. Hope this will help you.

  1. Your gig images are not that high quality
  2. You have so many different category of gigs in your profile. (Buyer will be confused, in which you are expert)
  3. Only your data entry gig image looks good. (But I believe it is downloaded from internet).
  4. The first gig that I can see in your profile which is about Photoshop editing, is an image full of your own photos. As a designer, I know very well that we should not use our own photos to sample our works.

But brother I already said, I am also new here. So do not know much about fiverr. So please don’t mind that I said so. I just tried to figure out why you are not getting orders.

Thank you so much,


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