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How to increase sales?

Guest plamen359

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Guest plamen359

Hi everyone,

How to increase fiver sales and get traffic?

I haven’t had any orders in 10 days. What I am doing wrong ?

I have 100% positive rating.I have good keywords, good description, pictures and videos.I am promoting my services on twitter, the fiverr forum and slashdot.org.

Can you please tell me where I am wrong and come up with some solutions.

Thank you !

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Hi there,

All I can say is, "It happens."

All the time.

I have 100% rating too, I’m a TRS, in most cases I get orders almost everyday, but just

a few weeks ago, I didn’t get any orders for 2 weeks which was the first time in 3 years.

No need to panic, the orders would come pouring in again.

Just see it as an extra time to come up with new gigs, or simply go out and enjoy

the free time!

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How do I promote my gigs?


Also, you have 4 gigs, that while each is slightly different, they are essentially the same. Your descriptions are largely copy and paste, with only a few words changed. This can have a negative effect on your gigs.

A better marketing plan at your level, might be to have 1 gig, and offer the other three gigs as 'Extras" in the 1 gig. Less confusing for your buyers, more profitable for you, and better for the search function.

Good luck! 🙂

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Here’s some tips for anyone that wants to get more sales:

  • Polish your gigs and their descriptions. Make them look very good and easy to understand. Borrow ideas from other sellers that have eye-catching gig descriptions. For gig titles, make sure it’s short enough that it’s entirely visible in the search results page.

  • Make more gigs! The more unique a gig is, the more sales you make.

  • Offer a 24 hour express delivery!

  • Add a video or a picture that tells the point of the gig with huge letters so people can read the image instead of title.

  • Encourage your buyers to leave a feedback. Offer something extra for free. Leave a feedback in return.

  • Check your messages as often as you can and talk to everyone like they would be your best friend. Try to make them happy and they are more interested in your gigs, just because you are nice and understanding to make business with.

  • Make a facebook ad for your gig and target it for only people interested in the gig. If the picture is cool, has noticeable red/orange borders and your title and description is short to the point and contains a question, your click rate will be 0.5-1% and fb will only charge about $0.01 per visitor that clicked the ad.

    There’s many other ways but those should be a nice start 🙂
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Offered you several “solutions” a few days ago, about your gigs and your gig descriptions. And as I mentioned then, four of of your gigs are essentially the same gig. You’d do better suspending 3 of them and working to get one gig going with better Extras rather than having four floundering.

Plus, your bio profile needs work. After 30+ years in advertising, sales and owning a a few business, please trust me when I tell you that, “Your satisfaction is my number 1 priority!” doesn’t mean a thing to a buyer. Frankly it’s wasted words and can actually have a negative impact.

Good luck.

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