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Writing Versus Web Design..My Own Experience


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This is just my own experience that I wanted to share.

Web Design

  1. You must get in touch with clients often. Why? If a client has hired you to create 10 pages site, you should not just get in touch when you are delivering the work. You should contact him/her often to see if you are on the same page. I learnt that providing frameworks on the first days is essential and will minimize the need to get in touch with clients often. You can also choose to deliver the work early enough to allow enough time to handle any revision.
  2. Huge $$$
  3. Takes lots of time and days to complete depending on complexity
    4.Lots of effort needed
  4. You must be prepared to deal with multiple errors that might arise
    Web Design Cons
  • When client is unresponsive and takes days to respond to queries

  • You can’t make everyone happy. When a client asks for refund, you will definitely have many hours wasted
    When the company that has hosted your clients website takes days to respond to queries, you will also waste lots of time. I remember I had cases where the WordPress upload size was set to default 2 MB and we had to contact hosting company to increase it to at least 64 MB so we can upload large theme files. We could do it via cPanel but was not working due to cache. So we had to wait for the hosting company to respond.


  1. Unlike web designing, you can get in touch on the first day when client places the order and get in touch again when delivering the work…
  2. Few $$
  3. Doesn’t take lots of time/days to complete especially when you have experience
  4. No errors to deal with

This post is not meant for saying what is good and what is bad. This was just my own experience.
Overall conclusion
Web Design sector is best for those with lots of experience working & handling errors and not those who have just learned. With that being said, I slowly crawled back to writing. Happy new year 2019 and all the best to everyone.

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