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Seller broke my webpage, cant leave feedback


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Seller: fragglesrock

This seller broke my page design and refuses to fix it. I paid him/her $25 to make some simple changes to my wordpress blog design. Once s/he broke the page design s/he just canceled the gig, made no effort or offer to fix it. I didn’t agree to the cancellation but Fiverr pushed it through anyway! The Fiverr platform will not allow me to leave this feedback on the gig so no potential buyers may know about this.

Apparently Fiverr is more interested in the revenue from this seller than in protecting buyers from potential harm.

Buyer beware.

Sheriff’s note: You are already aware that you CANNOT ‘call out’ sellers or buyers on the forum. Please contact customer support if you have any issues with a purchase or need to report a seller

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It seems odd that a TRS with over 3K successfully completed gigs and a 100% rating could or would “break” your web site, and furthermore “refuses” to fix it.

Is there anything else in the equation you’ve left out?

Is the site truly “broken” or is the work just not what you wanted?

Was your communication with the Seller professional?

Fiverr does what it can, but cannot “protect” any of us. I’m not defending Fiverr or the Seller here, but with the Seller having such a great rating (100%) and large amount of successful gigs , I can’t help but wonder if there was some sort of breakdown in communication.

Have you found anyone to fix it yet?

Good luck! 🙂

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Hi kjblynx, Thanks for reiterating what is already posted. Good trolling sister! As I said, the Fiverr platform doesn’t (yet) allow for feedback on this. My point here, is to MAKE a point. I’m aware of the rules. I just lost about $100 worth of design work… previously hired on Fiverr mind you, as a result of this failure in the platform design. I should be allowed to leave this feedback but due to shortcoming I am not. So I left it here. I’m sorry if that’s offended your sense of right and wrong but with a hundred bucks in my pocket I could sit and reiterate rules without thought too.

Hi voiceoverwork, I appreciate your questions and I’m glad/sad to report there is nothing left out. I thought the same! Awesome rating, total safe hire. Then I think has this person somehow gamed the system to get those revidews. The logistics seem daunting but I’ve seen better systems gamed.

The changes were basic, the site performed in one way before and now www.cuatrocubo.com/inicio… Click on any of the links at the bottom of the page… I dont think “broken” is a mis-characterization at all.

Given the reviews and what they claim to be able to do this is basic. the boxes are aligned, you click on the box, a lightbox opens, inside is a photo and linkable text. Most web-designers can do this. It is al HTML, no CSS, no PHP, nothing advanced. This seller somehow cannot fix it. I’ll have to pay someone to have this rebuilt.

By the way, I don’t think you can see my stats but I’ve ordered 115 gigs here and have a 20% cancellation rate. I also hire extensively on elance and freelancer. I communicate well and thoroughly. Perhaps there was a breakdown in communication but if so, why not fix it? If we just misunderstood, then make it right. Remember that rating you’re seeing excludes my gig (5 of them actually). And that is exactly the point I am making. YOu look at this and say GRET GUY, I looked at this and said HECK YEAH… But how many gigs got canceled and have no voice?

Fiverr cant “protect” us but it CAN and should do a better job of helping buyers keep each other better informed. This is an opportunity for Fiverr to improve.

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@sethill. I’m sure it happens. People get screwed randomly here and there all the time.

As for ‘Gaming the system’… well, with over 3000 reviews that doesn’t seem likely. Doesn’t seem likely at all.

What probably happened was probably very simple. He did something wrong. Couldn’t figure out what it was and just forced the cancellation. I’ve done web design and programming for years. (Not good enough to offer a gig on Fiverr though LOL). But sometimes, even after all these years, I do something and just can’t figure it out. Eventually I do… after a lot of time sometimes. Anyhow. My point is that that’s probably what happened. He probably couldn’t figure out why something happened and just forced the cancel.

Ya. Forcing a cancel has a negative effect on your rating. But with 3k + reviews already, one hit against his rating wouldn’t change any of his stats since it’s all a percentage ratio.

Sucks. Not a perfect system by any means. But it’s got more plus’s than faults.

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Hi voiceoverwork,

No the links dont work. Just because they open doesnt mean they work. There was a lot of extensive design work on those, they all opened to really attractive images with bold linkable text. It’s all gone. I care nothing about principle in this matter. $100 is a sizable loss in addition to the down time. I care that Fiverr take notice and change the feedback policy. Additionally that new buyers know that they aren’t getting all of the details they might want before making a hiring decision.

Hi bigbadbilly… So since this is the place where we post platform change recommendations my point is to recommend that we be able to add comments on forced cancellations. A seller having a 20% cancel rate because knuckle head buyers cant read is very different from a seller having a 20% cancel rate because the seller gets in over his head and isn’t honest enough to fix his mistakes. How many web designers do you know that dont have 20 other web designer friends? C’mon, Om could have fixed this.

I know “it happens” but as users of the system, unless we make a stink about it, it wont change. This change would have a big positive impact and I dont think it’d take 2 brain cells from one of their programmers to enable.

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Hi Sheriff, if you know I am, “already aware,” of the rules then you must surely know that I already contacted customer support who gave me differing information from one time to the next. So your silver bullet of an answer has failed to perform its intended job.

Is nobody else interested in the idea that buyers be allowed to post feedback on canceled orders? Especially those that are cancelled without the buyers consent?

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I agree with you. 100%.

It’s a loophole that I’ve seen exploited numerous times. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t expect a change any time soon. Fiverr’s still impressed with itself over it’s shiny new web design (I still hate it LOL) and it’s very unlikely they even check these forums. And if so, not that much.

I also think it’s another matter of ratio.

I think the good in the ‘Fiverr System’ far outweighs the bad or loop holes. They arn’t going to spend the time or money to alter the entire engine right now to change issues that effect a vast minority of people. And let’s be honest here. The amount of gigs sold in a single day is staggering. So, even if 100 people each and every day screwed the system (Or the buyer), that may be 700 frauds a week… but it’s still only .05 % of the gigs sold and things were OK with. It’s not really worth their time, effort or money right now to plug the leaks… so to speak.

Again. I’m not defending here. I’m simply stating the truth from a business standpoint.

Hopefully, someday they’ll fix this stuff so fraudsters can’t do this. But, like I said. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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This a user forum and a lot of user folks try to be helpful. It seems the responses you’re getting are not helping.

“Is nobody else interested in the idea that buyers be allowed to post feedback on canceled orders?”

Yes I am concerned to a small degree, but with 3 million gigs, I guess I expect some fallout. Principle or $100, I see no benefit to a volley of complaints and responses back and forth between Buyers and Sellers as any method of resolution. I fear it reflects poorly on both parties.

Is the Seller wrong? Yes it seems so. Is there anything you can do? I don’t know, I’m a just a user. I’m not sure “making a stink” on a user forum is the way to go. Fiverr support has been extremely helpful too many on a variety of issues.

Three randomly picked examples of the links below. Yes, the images are attractive and there is green linkable text. They work on my pc.

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Hi voiceoverwork, Yes I understand what you are looking at. I’m seeing the same thing. You’re just going to have to trust me that there was a LOT of formatting that went into them that has all been lost. None of which seems a huge deal except that the seller wont make the repairs. I think this is something other buyers should know about. The repairs should be basic, I was led to believe this seller had an advanced knowledge of wordpress, css, html, etc. It has become clear after the fact that they do not.

So why if we cannot leave a review and fiverr will not fix it shouldn’t we be able to turn to a forum of fiverrs users to make each-other aware? Wouldn’t that make sense?

Set aside my role as a buyer in this particular matter. As a buyer I want to see these sorts of things from other buyers before I make my buying decision. Perhaps some of that 20% cancellations had something worth hearing. 20% sounds low in general. Across their 3300+ gigs that’s 660 cancellations. That’s not insignificant.

Fiverr customer support finally agreed to send the suggestion to their product team. I feel that perhaps if more people requested a feature like this Fiverr will more likely move it up their development road map.

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Like I said sethill.

I agree with you. But I doubt very much Fiverr brass actually read this forum much.

And this forum, in all honesty is full of sellers. Not buyers. (A few random buyers, like yourself of course).

And, the traffic of the Fiverr Forum is like .0000001 percent of the Fiverr site traffic.

Basically, what I’m saying is not to expect to get much of a response from here. As you’ve already done, a direct message to Fiverr would get more results. Especially if a lot of people do it.

These forums are… a novelty really. A place full of sellers trying to sell to other sellers. The buyers that surf this forum are the exception. Not the rule.

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