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Can't Leave Feedback on a Canceled Job


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I view this as a HUGE glitch in the Fiverr platform. When a seller doesn’t deliver there is a reason. I’d like to know when and why. A cancellation ratio doesn’t tell me much. Could be a lot of bone headed buyers, could be that the seller doesn’t read or understand directions. This is important information when ordering.

I do a lot of buying on Fiverr and I communicate my gigs ad-nauseam. When a buyer doesn’t deliver I feel I ought to be able to explain why for the benefit of other buyers. I WANT to hear this information from other buyers before I make a purchasing decision.

Recently I hired a highly rated Fiverr. 100% in fact. They broke my webpage design and refused to fix what they had broken. Then they just canceled the gigs. I didn’t agree to the cancellation but it just went through, nothing I could do about it. Fiverr customer service was unwilling to assist. First they told me they’d leave feedback then they rescinded that offer. I HATE being misled.

I have nearly $100 into that initial page design and I paid the seller $25 to make some minor changes. I got totally screwed and no future buyer will know. This brings into sharp question whether I can trust fiver to keep me infrmed about sellers.

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I totally agree on this too. Got just pulled some stunt by a seller, trying to get out of a bad review by canceling too.

She promised to deliver the gig within 4 days. I was in fact counting on a good product within this time limit, for I have business deadlines that depend on it.

12 days(!) and a lot of bullcrap later (yet, she kept promising me all would be good and I was stupid enough to believe it, although my options were sinking because of the time already in it) she simply cancelled the job.

Seriously my worst experience with a freelancer ever and I insist on giving her a one star review with explanation. Other people should know about her being so unprofessional, which is now covered up with a few five star reviews, probably from her friends but I fell for them too (maybe just me being stupid again).

Please make this option possible, would totally add value to the overall hiring decision making process on Fiverr.

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Wow, this is soooo simple guys. As Kjblynx stated, you DO have options. First of all, cancellations do affect seller’s ratings if they are not mutual, so if you don’t like the work and the seller cancels the order you can either keep pressing the ‘modification’ button or wait until the order is cancelled and leave a bad review. You CAN leave negative feedback if you do not agree to the cancellation. However, you do lose your money.

Please think about all the great sellers on Fiverr and how hard we work to keep an excellent reputation, then think about all the scammers out there who would totally abuse a policy where they could leave negative feedback and keep their money. Seriously, it wouldn’t work. You can’t have it both ways. Get a refund or leave negative feedback. Those are your options.

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